Our Mission

The center’s mission is to advance research in science communication in an effort to connect science and society and facilitate research-based decision making.
The core of everything we do, including teaching and outreach, is research- and evidence-based.


Our Priorities

1. Build interdisciplinary collaborations and conduct science communication research. Through this knowledge building, we want to improve individual and policy decisions and increase personal and societal welfare.
2. Attract and train students for the science communication careers of the future.
3. Enhance public understanding, curiosity, and interest in science and technology.
The SOJC’s established expertise in public relations, advertising, journalism, media, strategic communication, and creative storytelling drives the power and impact of the MCSTcenter. The school’s proximity to existing and emerging science and tech hubs in the Pacific Northwest also make it a logical partner for research and collaboration.

Our Research

MCST research currently focuses on communication issues in health and the environment, including:
• Natural disasters, such as wildfire and earthquakes
• Renewable energy
• Genetic testing
• Cancer prevention and control
• Evaluation of scientific symposia and trainings
• Decision making
Fundamental to our approach is integrating research findings back into UO classrooms and into the day-to-day operations of our partner organizations to promote evidence-based strategies for training and curriculum. This strategy allows us to prepare the next generation of researchers and practitioners.

Connecting Science with the Public through Science Communication Training

The MCST center is in the process of developing evidence-based science communication training to better connect scientists with the public. We have already begun training internal partners (Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact) as well as external organizations (Thermo Fisher Scientific). If you are interested in learning more about our science communication training, please contact Mark Blaineus at mcst@uoregon.edu for scheduling and cost estimates.

The Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact building rendering